1. Download a request for delivery metering data: download

2. Fill out and certify request for the delivery of metering data
    (fill out only the following information: name, address, PIN code (OIB), date, signature, stamp)

3. Forward your fulfilled request form to our fax number: + 385 1 6387 452 or scanned to the e-mail address: info@rwe.hr

4. RWE analysts will create electricity supply offer according to your metering data for the last 12 months

5. If you agree with our offer – you will sign an electricity supply contract

6. We shall do the rest for you!

  • Your request will help us to make an individualised electricity supply offer.

  • Your request is not binding in any sense.

  • The making of this individualised offer is free of charge and it is not binding.

The procedure relating to the switching the electricity supplier when choosing RWE Energija is easy and:

  • Simple – All you need is to sign the required documents, we shall do the rest for you
  • Quick – Depending on the type of your contract, the switching to the new supplier may start on the 1st day of the next month or upon the expiry of the termination period of your current contract.
  • Free of charge – There are no fees nor penalties to be paid for switching the supplier. There are no limitations in numbers of supplier changes.
  • No interventions on your installations – The switching of electricity supplier does not require any interventions on your installations.
  • Safety of supply – HEP ODS is responsible for the safety of supply and stability of the system. You will, therefore, pay a network fee to HEP ODS. In case something happens to your electricity supplier, your supply will automatically be provided by HEP ODS, until you choose a new supplier.
  • Method of reading the counter metering data will not change – HEP ODS will continue to read counters (metering data) and will deliver this data to us.

You still have not found answer to your question? Let us know – we are here for you!

You can contact us every day from Monday to Friday from 8.00 – 16.00 by telephone: +385 1 6427 100
What has changed?
  • HEP Opskrba is not the only electricity supplier
  • You can also choose the electricity supplier who offers the best service.

What has not changed?
  • Customers still have guaranteed and safe electricity supply. Electricity still ''travels'' to you from power plants via electricity lines.
  • HEP ODS – Elektra is still the owner of electricity lines
  • HEP ODS – Elektra will continue to read your metering devices
  • HEP ODS – Elektra is still in charge of all urgent interventions and potential disruptions of electricity supply
Eligible customer is any legal or natural person in the Republic of Croatia which obtained the status of the customer (buyer of electricity) pursuant to the electricity supply contract. Pursuant to the Electricity Market Act, every customer can freely choose one of the electricity suppliers, started from 1 July 2008.
Pursuant to the Metering Rules, the Distribution System Operator (Elektra) will read metering data once a month until the 5th day of the current month for the previous month and deliver this data to the market regulator or the supplier. Customers can still read on their own metering data but, in this case, they must sign the special contract with Elektra.
  • In case of electricity blackout or the quality of the electricity supply, the customer can contact locally authorised distribution area or the Distribution System Operator (Elektra).
  • Pursuant to the Grid Code, Distribution System Operator must ensure standard quality of electricity (voltage, frequency, wave form) as well as the allowed number and duration of electricity disruptions.
  • RES fee is a calculation element prescribed by law (Regulation on Incentive Fees for Promoting Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration, OG 155/2009) which every customer must pay in order to collect funds for the construction of renewable energy sources.
  • RES fee on the invoices for 2015. is 0.035 HRK/kWh + VAT
  • The supplier has the obligation to transfer all the collected funds from fees for stimulating RES to HROTE (Croatian Energy Market Operator) which must buy out the electricity from eligible producers.
  • Grid fee is non-official name for the fee relating to the use of transmission and distribution network which is calculated pursuant to the tariff items for public service of the use of transmission and distribution grid.
  • Calculation elements are the following: electricity used in higher tariff, electricity used in lower tariff, engaged power in higher tariff, excessive reactive power and measurement service fee.
  • Place within the grid (network) where the electricity parameters are measured by the use of the measurement equipment.
  • Metering point can (but does not have to be) place of the submission or taking over the electricity and which represents place of delimitation of the ownership and liability of the energy entity and the customer.
The buyer of electricity, or the former owner of a real estate, in case of change the ownership, must do the following:
  • submit a contract termination request to the electricity supplier within 30 days of the change of ownership
  • along with the request, must submit documents proving the change of ownership (sales contract, contract of gift, lifelong support contract; all these documents must be certified by a public notary)
  • enable to read metering device (counter)
  • pay all the financial obligations according to the calculation of metering data
If the new owner and the former owner of the real estate submit their requests at the same time and submit harmonised metering data (reading the metering devices) which complies with the expected data – the reading of a metering device will not be a precondition for concluding the contract.

If you want to become a customer (buyer of electricity), you must be the owner of a real estate or you must conclude transfer contract with the owner of a real estate, and with the agreement of the grid operator, which enables the owner to transfer his rights and obligations to you.
Electricity market in the Republic of Croatia is open to all customers, started from 1 July 2008. All the electricity customers have obtained the status of eligible customers relating to the electricity supply. This means that all customers have an option to choose an electricity supplier, pursuant to the Electricity Market Act. If customers want to choose another electricity supplier, they will need to conclude the electricity supply contract with the electricity supplier and the grid usage contract/contracts with the grid operator. Customers will receive two separate invoices for services covered by the specific contract.

The customer will conclude the grid usage contract with the transmission system operator or distribution system operator, depending on the type of grid he is connected to. If the customer owns larger number of metering points, he will conclude larger number of grid usage contracts which regulate conditions concerning the grid usage at all metering points of the customer. All the customers connected to a low or medium-voltage grid will conclude the grid usage contract with HEP – Distribution System Operator. The government of the Republic of Croatia prescribes the amount of fee for the grid usage.

The Electricity Market Act allows to household customers to continue to use public service of electricity supply. This means that the price of electricity is regulated and defined by tariff systems prescribed by the Croatian Government. In this case, the customer contracts the electricity supply with HEP – Distribution System Operator, a company which provides public service of electricity supply. Prices and tariff models within the public service can be found here.

Customers who choose the new supplier will receive two separate invoices – one from the grid operator - for the grid use and another from the new supplier - for the electricity supply.
Pursuant to the regulation, unauthorised consumption – or electricity theft is:
  • arbitrary connection to the power grid
  • usage of electricity with or without metering devices
  • disabling the metering devices
  • providing incorrect information which affect the calculation
  • when the customer uses electricity via the metering device or other measurement equipment with the removed or damaged sealing.

  • Dangerous – unauthorised activities at the metering point and connection point may cause fire and endanger life
  • Illegal – unauthorised consumption is a criminal act for which the Energy Act (OG 68/2001) prescribes fine or prison sentence up to three years
  • Expensive – after discovering unauthorised consumption, the amount of the electricity which has been consumed and not paid is calculated, pursuant to General Conditions of Electricity Supply (OG 14/2006) and the Rules on preventing unauthorised electricity consumption
Promoting the use of renewable energy sources (RES) is one of the EU energy policy strategic goals defined by the Directive on the promotion of the use of electricity from RES. This Directive imposes obligation to the EU Member States to establish system of RES incentives. Each EU Member State defines its national goal relating to the production of electricity from RES. Croatia, as a candidate country defined this goal in 2007 by enacting the Regulation on the Minimum Share of Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources and Cogeneration whose production is incentivised.

Pursuant to the Regulation of the Croatian Government, the fee for promoting the use of RES is collected from all electricity customers in the Republic of Croatia started from 1 July 2007. The Regulation defines the unit fee which is expressed in Croatian kuna / used kWh of the electricity used (kn/kWh).

The amount of the fee is specified on electricity invoices or periodic calculations (for customers in the prepayment system) which the electricity supplier issues to his customers. Fee for promoting the use of RES for electricity production in 2015 is 0.035 kn/kWh + VAT.

Those who want to find out more facts on the system of collecting fees for promoting the use of RES and manner of spending collected funds, the Ministry of Economy has prepared the leaflet How citizens contribute to the investment in RES.

You still have not found the answer to your question? Please let us know – we are here for you! You can contact us every day from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00 by telephone: +385 1 6427 100
  • Electric power system - group of interconnected power plants, grids and appliances
  • Electric power grid - electricity supply grid; a group of interconnected grid units for electricity transmission and/or distribution grid
  • Connection - set of electric lines and equipment of high, medium or low voltage including billing metering point, by which the building of the manufacturer or the customer is connected to the grid
  • Accounting metering point - place within the grid where the measurement of electricity parameters is carried out by the use of measuring equipment and for the purposes of calculation
  • Distribution system operator - energy undertaking performing the activity of electricity distribution and holds a relating licence issued by the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency
  • User of the power grid - legal or natural person who delivers the electricity to the transmission or distribution grid (producer) or who takes over electricity from it (customer) or use the grid for the electricity flow (trader)
  • Supplier - energy undertaking who performs the energy activity of electricity supply and buys electricity from producers or traders and sells it to customers
  • Supplier of tariff customer - supplier who provides public service of electricity supply to tariff customers pursuant to the Electricity Market Act
  • Tariff customer - customer to whom the electricity is supplied in a regulated manner and at the regulated prices, within the public service system
  • Eligible customer - customer who may freely choose the electricity supplier
  • Tariff system - document defining tariff elements for the calculation of the electricity price or the electric power system services which are performed as public services for different energy entities or customers, depending on type, power, quality and other elements of the electricity delivered on the territory of the Republic of Croatia and method of application of these elements.
  • Monthly fee - or so called ''prepayment fee'' represents the invoice for the contracted electricity for household customers
  • Tariff items - elements for the calculation of the fee for the service of the electricity delivered for accounting period, depending on the customer type, period of delivery and seasonal or day delivery dynamic
  • Tariff model - defined combination of tariff items
  • Calculation of consumption - method of calculation of the sold electricity according to the consumption within the calculation period and by the application of tariff items
  • Category of consumption - categorisation of customers according to the type of customer (buyer), power level at which they take electricity (for the supplier place of delivery), period of delivery and seasonal or daily dynamic of electricity delivery
  • Calculation elements - tariff system components on the basis of which the prices of electricity are calculated or prices of energy activity services which are performed as public services for various energy entities or customers, depending on the type, power, quality and other elements of the electricity delivered
  • Public service - service which is available to all customers and energy entities at any time at the regulated price and regulated access and use conditions and which is performed according to the principles of public work and supervision of bodies as defined by law
  • Electricity counter - device which measures and registers parameters of active and/or reactive power at the metering point, pursuant to regulations in the field of metrology and technical rules of the system operator
  • Limiter (Power load limiter) - a device which limits the maximum power load (maximum power) of the electricity devices which are switched on at the same time to the level which is defined by the electric power permit. The customer will enact on his own and according his needs the decision relating to the contracted power of connection, according which the name power of the limiter will be defined.
You may deliver your written complaint personally to the offices of RWE Energije d.o.o. or send it by mail to our address Capraška ulica 6, 10000 Zagreb, via fax number 016387452 or e-mail info@rweenergija.hr . RWE Energija d.o.o. obliges to send you a written answer to your complaint within 15 days from receiving your written complaint.